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Photo: Bone cave
January 30, 2008
A strobe light illuminates the interior of an omedoki, or bone cave, in Palau. Photographer Stephen Alvarez fired the strobe (held by his assistant, seen standing in the cave) from his boat and used a handheld camera to make this image. By using a strobe during a long exposure time (ten seconds), Alvarez was able to make the cave sharp and the surrounding area blurry.

Photograph by Stephen Alvarez
Photo Date: April 9, 2007

See more of Stephen Alvarez's images in the March 2008 National Geographic feature, "Pioneers of the Pacific." 


Kert Wright
Jan 30, 2008 9AM #

I cannot beleive, that nobody has commented on this picture! This photograph makes my imagination sprint, towards an unknown finish line. I wonder, what has that cave seen? What is in it, besides the man with the light, who is in it?

Jan 30, 2008 9AM #

It's a beautiful photograph.

Jan 30, 2008 9AM #


Jan 30, 2008 9AM #

the photographers use of lighting and exposure time to create this image is stunning--it becomes art
in every sense, and I keep looking at this: the image says so much,
and is so visually striking.

Sally Cron
Jan 30, 2008 9AM #

An amazing photo.

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