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September 2007

Posted Sep 20,2007


Have you been sitting on the fence, checking the limit on your credit card, coveting one of the loveliest cameras you will ever hold, wondering whether or not to invest in a Leica M8 digital body? Well don’t linger any longer because Leica has an offer you can’t refuse—a price increase of $550.00.

According to a Leica representative they have been fending off the increase since early this year, due mainly to the weakening dollar. It seems the M8 rollout honeymoon is over.

If you are already a proud M8 owner, don’t forget to keep up with the firmware updates. The latest version is 1.107, posted July 27th, is well worth the time to install.

Ken Geiger

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Posted Sep 19,2007


Here's a digital photography challenge: what would you do if needed to rename thousands of images? 

  • I received 13,000 images from a photographer.  The files are named incorrectly and many hundreds of images have the same name.
  • All files need to be sorted by the time they were created and renamed from 1 through 13,000.
  • The files are located within more than 140 sub-folders by file category and in no apparent date order.
  • Each of the images has an XMP file containing the caption information and this file needs to be renamed exactly as the file is named.

What program(s) would you use to quickly rename the photographs?

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Posted Sep 16,2007


One of the best attributes of digital photography is the instant gratification of seeing your photograph appear on the preview screen, this handy feature makes today’s cameras great for experimentation. One technique I use to put a little spice into situations with poor light quality or jazz up party snapshots is to add a little controlled motion to my images.

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