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November 2007

Posted Nov 22,2007


Canon has posted a firmware update for its 10 Megapixel CMOS 40D digital SLR. A link with complete install instructions and a list of what's fixed in version 1.0.5 after the jump. 

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Posted Nov 11,2007

When I'm getting ready to walk out the door on a photo shoot, I make sure all the batteries in my cameras and flashes are new and the best quality. The choice is easy, I load lithium batteries, they are lighter in weight, last a lot longer and have an amazing shelf life. Unfortunately they come at a very high price, which is also why I tend to shy away from lithium batteries when it comes to purchasing for my household electronics.

When you walk into the store and are confronted with a plethora of blister packed brands, where do you start? Which battery will suit your needs and give the best value for your money?


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Posted Nov 1,2007


Canon Europe has a post updating the auto focus tracking issue on the Canon EOS-1D Mark III digital SLR that explains how they plan to fix the problem. Canon Europe offers an apology and a range of serial numbers for cameras affected by the AF tracking challenge.

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