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2007 TED Prize Winner James Nachtwey's Images of XDR-TB
Posted Oct 7,2008


What would you do if you had one wish to change the world, and you were given $100,000 to make that wish a reality?

James Nachtwey, one of the most highly regarded photojournalists of our time, was given that chance when he was awarded the 2007 TED prize. He used the prize
money to translate his peerless journalistic vision into stunning images, in an effort to raise awareness of a virulent, mutated strain of extremely drug resistant

Mr. Nachtwey’s coverage spans the globe and will hopefully raise the profile
of XDR-TB. The photographs are as haunting as they are beautiful and can be
viewed at XDRTB.org.

Ken Geiger

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Amazing photo! Wish I was that good. Maybe someday! =/

Rebecca Reeder
Oct 7, 2008 1PM #

This photo grabs the soul. I am off to the XDRTB.org site to view more of them.

masjon sirait
Oct 7, 2008 1PM #

hi...iam from indonesia, sumatra island next to lake toba. I knew james when i wacth tv 5 years ago, i saw he was in java island indonesia, may be you can help me to see his photograph while he was in java

Oct 7, 2008 1PM #

what a good foto

Juan Pablo Verdesoto
Oct 7, 2008 1PM #

I have a great respect for James work and really like what he is doing as an inspiration to young photographers...to continueing clicking on for as long as we can to show the world all its sides.

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