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Postcards From Paris
Posted Oct 6,2008


Most of my day is spent researching stories, editing, attending meetings, or unraveling digital work-flow issues. So when I have the chance to get out of the office, explore a new city, the embers of a stifled photographer start to smolder. Paris was the first stop on my way to Photokina, in Cologne, Germany.

Never having spent any time in the City of Lights, I was eager to take in all the prime destinations—Notre Dame, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower—and of course not take one photograph simply to prove I had arrived. I wanted to try and make a few images, postcards using Paris as the inspiration, yet play and enjoy the compositions, art, and architecture as they were segmented momentarily in my viewfinder. 

I used only the basics for equipment, one camera body and one prime lens—a 24mm f1.4. Keeping it simple allows me to travel light, focus on using one tool, so I’m able to savor the freshness of an unexplored city. Paris is a tourist destination, so the challenge was not only to make images, but also to do so without the clutter of the masses, trying to keep each image as graphic as possible.

How successful these images are is a matter of taste, but for me they are memories of a different kind, more experience than photograph, more postcard than reality—they simply make me smile.

Do you have any postcards that you’d like to share on this post? If you do, submit a comment alerting me to your intention, then upload your image via the Your Shot page. Include the keyword ParisBlog (no spaces) along with the other relevant information needed to submit a Your Shot image; I’ll then add your image to the others in this post.

Ken Geiger







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Oct 6, 2008 12PM #

These are just wonderful. Especially the tubes and the tower in the distance.

Oct 6, 2008 12PM #

Thank you for sharing these beauties.

Oct 6, 2008 12PM #

Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures.

Oct 6, 2008 12PM #

wow these images are exceptional; I quess you are senior editor at the NGM for a reason :-P

Oct 6, 2008 12PM #

Wow...i've see and learn a lot of things for an amatir like me. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures...it's means a lot.;)

Oct 6, 2008 12PM #

The Notre dame and Venus pictures are excellent. Congrats on those images.

Oct 6, 2008 12PM #

I love the birds most of all. The photo seems alive. Thank you for posting this. I am learning a lot.

Amy Lynne Adams
Oct 6, 2008 12PM #

I loved your pictures of Paris, especially the picture of the Louvre with the birds flying in the background. Even though I had an old camera when I visited France, Belgium, and Holland, I think I also got some interesting pictures! Here is the link to my blog post to where you can see my pictures: http://amylynneadams.blogspot.com/2008/05/enchanting-european-vacation.html

I am just getting into photography myself and have purchased a new camera that has been taking amazing shots. You may also see other pictures on my blog at: http://amylynneadams.blogspot.com

De Intercambio
Oct 6, 2008 12PM #

Quite inspiring pictures the ones you featured. Every time I visit Paris is a new opportunity to find new places and angles all the time, in every season.

A new time to learn always more about classic photography.

Cursos De Intercambio - França

Rebecca Reeder-Hunt
Oct 6, 2008 12PM #

Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world,and I enjoyed finding your postcards!

Jill Griffin
Oct 6, 2008 12PM #

great shots! I am new to NGM and am having a wonderfully inspiring time viewing and sharing photos all over the world. My shot of Paris includes a contraversial Anglo/Franco rivallry with not one but 4 St Georges 'invading' the Eiffel tower!
Jill Griffin

daniel amza
Oct 6, 2008 12PM #

Beautiful simple minimalist kind of pictures! I have some of my own taken recently in Paris.

Oct 6, 2008 12PM #

These are fantastic, such amazing use of alternative angles etc. But I have to ask about the last one, of the Mona Lisa, in The Louvre. Did you have to get special permission to photograph the painting or have they changed the rules,since there are less professional cameras in the picture as well?

Love the Eiffel Tower
Oct 6, 2008 12PM #

Wow, really nice photos, can't believe you haven't spent much time in Paris before !

I especially love the 2nd photo, reminds me of the angle from lying down in Tate modern (London).

Was intrigued to read somewhere that people are not allowed to use a tripod without a license ! especially near the Eiffel tower.

Tina Marshall
Oct 6, 2008 12PM #

Greetings! Ever visited Peterman's Eye? Today's discussion is on Paris....thought I'd share. And your photos are excuisite!



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