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SanDisk SDHC Plus Cards Slated For EOL
Posted Oct 3,2008

Extremeducatisdplus_3 I’m a real creature of habit, especially when I find some little piece of gear that makes my life as a photographer easier. To that point I recently learned some sad news, one of my favorite products has been slated for EOL.

Well I didn’t know what EOL was either, I had to ask—it stands for end of life. SanDisk is ending production of its SD and SDHC Plus line of memory cards. In an earlier blog I pimped the benefits of not having to carry around a card reader and cables, because the SD Plus memory card folds in half and plugs directly into a USB slot.

Seems putting a SDHC and USB controller on one of these convenient little cards makes them slightly more expensive, and so I deduce not as palatable to the thrifty shopper. For me the couple extra dollars is worth the convenience of have not having to drag around a card reader on vacation.

If you like these memory cards, get your fill while supplies last, because after the end of the year they may be as rare as hen’s teeth.

Ken Geiger


Derek K. Miller
Oct 3, 2008 6PM #

What a shame. I really like these cards, although they are a bit fragile, and use them in a DSLR, a couple of point-and-shoot cameras, an HD video camera, and a flash audio recorder.

I've had trouble finding them for some time, and so now have to cart around a USB SD card reader when I didn't before. It's a shame.

Oct 3, 2008 6PM #

The electronics industry is really cut throat and the big companies will think nothing of cutting a product that doesn't give the required ROI return on investment, even down to fractions of a penny in some cases.

Shame I really liked the sound of this little gizmo.

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