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The End
By Matt Eich, NGM Photo Intern
Posted Aug 18,2008

August 18, 2008

Child by a tree

My time in Africa is coming to a close, as is the summer. By the time I return to the States on Saturday I will be two days shy of working or traveling an entire month straight without a single day off. Between assignments for National Geographic, freelance work and a quick stop in London for an exhibit and meetings with editors, it has been a whirlwind. There will be a week or so to edit and then it is time for goodbyes, packing the car and heading back to the Midwest. Going back to Ohio and school will seem like a vacation, but I have a feeling that I will miss this—as soon as I get caught up on sleep I'll wish I was on the road again, headed somewhere new.

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Linda Bessinger
Aug 18, 2008 5PM #

Hello Matt,
I am interested in knowing how you became a Photo Intern with NGM. Also, is there a link to the photos you have taken while on assignment?

Aug 18, 2008 5PM #

Super images and interesting post. You lead an exciting life. :D

Best Regards, JJ/Nancy

Rebecca Reeder-Hunt
Aug 18, 2008 5PM #

I really like the photo you chose to highlight your 'farewell' to a wonderful adventure and opportunity. I have no doubt you will miss it -no matter how much easier school might seem now. Once the spirit of travel is in a person's blood, it is hard to resist roaming the planet! I, too, would enjoy seeing more of your photos from Africa.

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