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Steve Winter on Being Named Wildlife Photographer of the Year
Posted Nov 17,2008


Hello, I wanted to share this with everyone. I have been voted the Wildlife Photographer of the Year for 2008. This is a great honor for myself, the snow leopard and National Geographic magazine!  The snow leopard story appeared in the June issue of NGM.

I want to thank the Editor in Chief Chris Johns, (for giving me this opportunity and believing in me), my photo Editor Kathy Moran, (my guiding light), Editor at Large Nick Nichols, Emilene Ostlind, Jenna Pirog, and the whole staff at NGM.


I would also like to thank Dr. George Schaller, whose book Stones of Silence showed the snow leopard--and a passionate scientist--for the very first time.

Thank you to the Museum of Natural History in London, the BBC and WildPhotos for holding this important event. The show of all the winners at the Museum of Natural History in London is truly an amazing window on the talent of the winning photographers and our natural world--if any of you are in London please visit. A big thank you to all the judges also!

I had the expert knowledge and unselfish assistance of two friends--Tashi Tundup, from Snow Leopard Conservancy India and Raghu Chundawat from Snow Leopard Trust in Delhi. I cannot thank you both enough.

This was a real collaboration between the snow leopard and myself. Hopefully this award will help further worldwide interest in the beauty and importance of the snow leopard and understanding of our need to protect it. I applaud National Geographic for making this story possible.

Want to help? Please visit these websites of organizations working with the snow leopard:

Here is a link to the BBC news item about the award.

Thank you, and “Save the snow leopard.”

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Natalie Cash
Nov 17, 2008 9PM #

Congratulations, Steve, on an honor well-deserved!

Gary Spink
Nov 17, 2008 9PM #

This is the sort of assignment, and the sort of results, that makes Nat Geo unique. A very prestigious award to win - especially when you consider the amazing photos amongst the finalists chosen from the 32,000 entries. See
I think the exhibition also shows at the Detroit Zoo from December to April.

Alex Thomson
Nov 17, 2008 9PM #

That issue had some of the most spectacular photos ever captured of a snow leopard. Not only is it well deserved but a possitive step towards the conservation of the snow leopard.

Kenneth Mc Gregor
Nov 17, 2008 9PM #

Hi Steve, Greetings from the emerald isle, I am currently doing a BTEC (just below degree level)course in photography and have to do a 1000 word illustrated essey on a photographer of my choice, (part of one of five projects) I have been doing a little research on your career as a photographer. I must say im taken aback by the standard and depth of your work. Im not in the slightest bit surprised you won the prestigous title of wildlife photographer of the year, congratulation on that. PS. It would be unbelievable if you could in some small way aknowledge this email, just a few words (or perhaps an official website i may have missed) would surfice as of course i could proudly use them as part of my essey which has to be in for mid december as a direct quote from you. I know your a busy man so weather i hear from you or not can i just say, good luck for the future and i will be like thousands of others following your work. Best of luck, Ken Mc Gregor.

Rebecca Reeder-Hunt
Nov 17, 2008 9PM #

The photos were incredible and truly deserving of an award. It is truly gratifying to see ever-increasing emphasis on saving endangered species.

Carolyn Moore
Nov 17, 2008 9PM #

What an incredible photo! I am a wildlife artist and have been challenged to paint a snow leopard due to your inspiration. Thank you for posting your photo that brought such a prestigous award. Congratulations!

Don Curry
Nov 17, 2008 9PM #

Congratulations Steve, you are an amzaing photographer.

Nov 17, 2008 9PM #

Congratulations Steve. This is an honor that every photographer I know would love to have.

Nov 17, 2008 9PM #

Congratulations, Steve. A wonderful job by a talented man. Keep up the good work. I was browsing the NG site and came here after looking at the 2007 wildlife winning picture of the monkeys in the tiny cages in China headed for the lab. THAT was also a very powerful imge. My heart breaks for those animals.

Pramod Viswanath
Nov 17, 2008 9PM #

Congratulations Steve. I can't take my eyes off the Snow leopard images that you have made. Very well deserved!

Paul Hassell
Nov 17, 2008 9PM #

Wild!... Just plain wild!
And that's exactly the kind of image the world needed to show off these elusive animals. Thanks for your years of persistence Steve.

Rahul Sadagopan
Nov 17, 2008 9PM #

Congrats Steve! Here's wishing you all the best in your future assignments & a Happy new year to you!

Nov 17, 2008 9PM #

Wow! Beautiful snow leopard against backdrop of our universe! Congratulations on winning honor, Steve.

Best wishes, Donna

Amy Lynne Adams
Nov 17, 2008 9PM #

Hi Steve, that picture of yours is truely amazing and well shot. Congratulations to you! You surely are one of the best photographers I have ever come across. Thanks for posting your picture. The snow surely presents the wildness and beauty worthy of capturing. I am just beginning to pursue photography and recently had some fun in the snow myself (Breckenridge and Keystone in Colorado, USA) and got a few shots of the elusive Elk and (the not so elusive) American Bison.

Best Regards,
Amy L. Adams

Stacey Huston
Nov 17, 2008 9PM #

Congrats Steve.. a very well deserved honor..Thanks for sharing

Nov 17, 2008 9PM #

Congratulations Steve. That's an amazing picture worthy of the recognition.

Jacob Jackson
Nov 17, 2008 9PM #

I meant to congratulate you on this last year, but failed to do so. That shot you had of the snow leopard was unbelievable. One that'll always be etched in my mind. It breaks my heart as well to read about the snow leopard, and similarly the wolves, being considered pests by ranchers. But it is what it is. Hopefully the two will figure out how to coexist before it's too late. Thanks again for the great photos and for shedding light on these topics as always. Look forward to many more great shots this year.

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