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Photo: Volcanoes in East Java
November 30, 2007
John Stanmeyer made this image of three volcanoes in East Java, Indonesia, just as the dawn light started peering out over the horizon. A long exposure time (f/4.5 at 126 seconds) captured stars (seen as white flecks in the sky) and the exceptional light in this image: "Such a unique view can only occur during those few seconds where the existing moonlight balances with the almost unseen first rays of sunlight," says Stanmeyer. Mount Semeru erupts in the far distance while a stream of white smoke trails out of Mount Bromo. 

Photograph by John Stanmeyer
Photo Date: June 3, 2007

Click here to see more of John Stanmeyer's images from Indonesia in the January 2008 National Geographic article "The Gods Must Be Restless."


David Gardner
Nov 30, 2007 9AM #

Oh my God! what a shot. I've been shooting for 40 years but nothing like this. Thank you. David

Nov 30, 2007 9AM #

Wow, this looks prehistoric. It also looks animated. Great shot!

Prasad Mahale
Nov 30, 2007 9AM #

This is so inspiring!
It was really surprising to see the effect after such a long exposure time.

Nov 30, 2007 9AM #

What to say? Great shot!Has the effect of a painting.

Nov 30, 2007 9AM #

Great job!!! This photo taken from my country, thank you. Indonesia is wonderful place,,

Nov 30, 2007 9AM #

Very jurassic like. Awesome picture!

Nov 30, 2007 9AM #

that's wonderfull!! I love Indonesia. Photo yg Josss!

Nov 30, 2007 9AM #

Admiro vuestro trabajo. Esta foto en particular refleja toda la técnica y perspectiva de un fotógrafo de National Geographic. Dios los bendida!

Nov 30, 2007 9AM #

that's wonderfull!! I can't say nothing, just wonderfull!

Rhoma Al Irsyad
Nov 30, 2007 9AM #

great SHOT...Thats my country too....try to KELIMUTU at East Nusa tenggara, Indonesia....u will got SHOCKED

Nov 30, 2007 9AM #

What a great shot ?
Words are not enough!

Nov 30, 2007 9AM #

Wow... so great. Glad that I've been there and been on top of Mt.Semeru (highest Mt in Java)

Andrea Pedrotti
Nov 30, 2007 9AM #

I just can't find an appropriate adjective to underline this foto... probably perfect..
Greetings from Italy

Nov 30, 2007 9AM #

What a great concept and awesome achievement! Very beautiful!
Greetings from Germany

Nov 30, 2007 9AM #

absolutely amazing. Cannot tell if it is real or not. just perfect.

Nov 30, 2007 9AM #

fabulous picture, great eye for composition, excellent technique
what a beautiful place.

Nov 30, 2007 9AM #

My oh my.

Nick Elson
Nov 30, 2007 9AM #

Absolutely the finest civilian twilight shot I have ever seen. While I am an astronomy buff, forget about the stars and tell us more about the equipment and set up. The real story would have to be in the location, set up and (of course) the expertise of this professional; but knowing more about the gear would at least let the rest of dream it might be possible ... one day ... just a glimpse ...

Stephen Robin
Nov 30, 2007 9AM #

This is an awesome photo, which reminded me of my father's love for photography and my mother's character. Not often combinable into one moment... Stephen

Jim Conley
Nov 30, 2007 9AM #

I've consulted my thesaurus and can't find a sufficient superlative to describe this photo. If I had made this photo, I would be able to hang up my camera and say to myself, "your life was worthwhile."

It looks so much like a painting - I suppose that was your objective.

Nov 30, 2007 9AM #

Absolutely wonderful !!!

Carmelia Wall
Nov 30, 2007 9AM #

Awe struck at the magnificient photo!!!! It is hard to believe that it is ACTUALLY a photo and not a painting.

If I had taken this shot it would have centre stage on the wall in my lounge.

From Australia

Arturo Mendez
Nov 30, 2007 9AM #

Espectacular!!!! La Naturaleza se impone, para decirnos cuan pequeños somos! Desde Venezuela.

Nov 30, 2007 9AM #

I love it! Is it possible for those of us with envy of your talent to download this photo as our wallpaper? If so, please advise me where to go for this and how? Thanks

Nov 30, 2007 9AM #

Increadibly surrealistic! It almost looks CG!?!

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