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Lisa Simpson Reveals Hatred of Mosquitoes, Love of Earth
Posted Sep 24,2008

Lisasimpson229_4 On Sunday night, The Simpsons begins its 20th season. The show has won seven Environmental Media Awards for episodes like “The Bonfire of the Manatees” and “On a Clear Day I Can’t See My Sister.” And since National Geographic cares about the environment just as much as the Simpsons do, the time seemed right to interview a spokescharacter. The show runners offered up Lisa. True, she is a cartoon, with yellow skin and improbably spiked hair. But who could resist a chance to pose questions to the tree-huggingest Simpson of them all?

What is your family doing to “go green?”
Well, my Dad said his bald spot is “a solar panel for a love machine.”  I don’t know what that means, but I’m looking into whether we can hook it into the grid and get carbon credits.

What is your favorite (or least favorite) endangered animal?
I love all creatures, great and small... but if one had to go, I’d say mosquitoes.  I mean, they can really ruin an Earth Day.  Oh, now I feel so guilty.

Have you been able to convince your Dad to recycle his Duff beer cans?
Yes.  Though he was upset about having to dismantle his 80-foot “Beer-amid” as well as his “Duff Lite-House of Alexandria” and his “Colossus of Suds.”

Since nuclear power has low carbon emissions, do you now respect Mr. Burns?
You know what has really low carbon emissions and releases no radiation?  Wind power!  Sorry I lost my cool... you know what else is losing its cool?  THE EARTH!

Will the Simpsons ever become eco-tourists?
I don’t know.  My Dad loves to be a tourist, but hates anything eco.  So it could go either way.   

Does Maggie use disposable diapers?
Yes, and so does my Grampa.

Has Springfield been affected by climate change?
Yes, the most powerful greenhouse gases are escaping from me, Lisa Simpson.  Bart!  Get away from my computer!  Sorry about that.

Does your family subscribe to National Geographic?
No, but we’d read it in the library, if we ever went to the library, which we don’t because crazy homeless people hang out there, like my Grampa.

-Marc Silver

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Sep 24, 2008 11AM #

I love the simpsons. lisa is such a great role model for girls - young, or older - and i go through the day thinking what she would do in a certain situation. i really admire her! If only she were real!

Sep 24, 2008 11AM #

very interesting and hilarious.....thanks

Sep 24, 2008 11AM #

that's a ausome interview. they show how very important all the things in this world.. very cool...

Sep 24, 2008 11AM #

ohmigod! that was HILARIOUS!!!!!!
i love lisa because i just think shes such a funny girl and i care ablout the earth alot, too

Sep 24, 2008 11AM #


Sep 24, 2008 11AM #

i love the simpsons and i have all seasons so far. the message they pass to audience about the way people act today (especially about the environment) is simply the best way to show people how important it is to start acting seriously. as a national geographic fan and a simpson fan i just love this meeting. what's next? bob marley's and john lennon's lost cooparation album?

Sean O'toole
Sep 24, 2008 11AM #

Kool Interview!!

Sep 24, 2008 11AM #

I agree with mosquitoes,=. LOL! I'm allergic. And I will get my cuz to use recyclable diapers!

Sep 24, 2008 11AM #

the simpsons is an amazing show. they never disappoint and its great to see national geographic recognizing them! the show deals with so many controversial issues while remaining completely hilarious and entertaining. i couldn't be happier to see lisa simpson on the home page of ngm. and i hope those of you who don't watch the show will take the initiative to tune in. kudos to the author of this article!

Sep 24, 2008 11AM #

the simpsons has always been my all time favorite show. and im so glad they are still on! the show is so diverse and uses a lot of controversial ideas in the story lines. while still remaining completely hilarious and entertaining. glad to see a magazine like national geographic recognize this show!

Sep 24, 2008 11AM #

i love Lisa Simpson and i have to say that she is the smartest young girl. She loves school and knows how to take care of the environment as well as respecting different cultures. I just hope she is for real hehehe!

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